Intech Digital® ZERO-D® Technology

The digital solution for textile printing

Intech Digital® has consistently embraced innovation to provide a superior level of excellence.
The Textiles Printing Industry Today! 
Textile Dyes

Modern day textile printing almost exclusively uses industrial dyes...

Water and Pollution

With one exception, dye based printing requires huge volumes of water and its unavoidable pollution..

Waste and Costs

The costs associated with this unhealthy and wasteful industry are very high, not just in production...

The ZERO-D® Technology Solution was innovated by Intech™ Inks. This groundbreaking technology integrates "Reactive Pigment™" Ink with digital technology, allowing direct printing on all kinds of textile fabrics.
Intech Digital® Technology Limited ('Intech') offers key solutions to the Textiles printing industry. Their business is now in three parts:
  • Fashion, Apparel and Fabric, On Demand, a full (or partial) service printing business
  • ZERO-D Printing System (ZERO-DPS), (or with optional ‘Automated Cut & Sew’) becomes the Intech 'Garment Manufacturing System (GMS)', Industrialisation 4.0 ready, complete ‘in-house’ solutions for qualified brands or substantial wholesale/retailers.
  • Intech™ ZERO-D® Textile inks and Treatments. At the heart of both of these solutions, born of two winning technologies, exclusive supply by Intech Digital®.
Fashion, Apparel and Fabric,
On Demand!

In the evolutionary stage, a new platform is planned – a more interactive and creative experience for the user, with e-commerce functionality. 

For those customers or partners who have joined the ZERO-D®‘Club’, there will be a smooth transition and special bonus/ discounts.  Look forward to outstanding sustainability in your finished garments or fabric, along with a user friendly performance. 

Or Contact Us NOW, for a re-order quotation!  

Order colourful, photo-perfect designs on fabric, garments, footwear and accessories, all sustainably printed using our  dye-free, discharge-free, ZERO-D® technology!

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IF you have the volume, the singularity of purpose,
IF you want to do it yourself, Dye-free and Discharge-free;
IF you want to replace step by step, an existing plant (under  the 'Sword of Damocles' of new regulations), or because you just love our planet; 
IF you're tired of massive, inflexible orders, over-stocking and the inevitable loss on seasonal Sales;

IF instead, you want the flexibility of 'digital', or personalisation,
IF you want to print with the durability of pigment, with photo-quality images and with colours equal to or better than your dye-printed products; then  

Get our ‘Zero-D Printing System' (ZERO-DPS), for sustainable printing on  Cotton, Linen, Silk, or Mixed (up to 50%) man-made fabric, available now! 

Features the latest model Intech 190T digital textile printer, with RICOH‘s high performance, Gen 5E or Gen 6 printheads.


ZERO-D Printing System


Note:     Optionally, an Automatic Cut & Sew machine is available, which with the ZERO-DPS becomes the only, Industrialisation 4.0 ready, full Micro-Factory solution – Intech’s Garment Manufacturing System (GMS) 

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