As mentioned in Solutions/Technology in order to create a great image, that is durable and washable, pigment inks need to bond with the fabric, a process of ‘Print and Fix’ in simple terms.   


Although the basic 'Print and Fix’ concept achieves a good quality result on most materials, the fashion and home decoration industries demand the ultimate in colour saturation, durability and washability. To achieve this, the following fabric treatments have been developed for application before and after printing.


Intech™ Shine

A pre-treatment of the raw fabric, which enables the fullest interpretation of the graphic artwork in the printed image. This matches the colour intensity or saturation typical of dye printed work, whilst retaining the characteristic durability of pigmented colourants. That vibrancy, brightness, that 'shine'.


Intech™ ColourGuard

A post-treatment of the printed media, which gives the highest ‘wet and dry’ rub or

scratch resistance.


Intech™ SoftPlus

A final post-treatment of the printed media, if needed, which gives the same, natural

feel as the original fabric.


These products can be applied in the simplest form, for say samples or tee-shirts, by a hand-held spray. For production purposes, this will be more automated of course.


Note:  For detailed instructions on how to apply these components, consult your local distributor or 'Intech Digital®.

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