Why choose Intech® (Digital Technology Ltd)?

Intech® Digital is a 'Solutions' enterprise, with its roots in first Traditional and Screen Printing, but since 2001, Digital Printing.

With 16 years experience in Digital Printing, embracing all the popular industrial printhead technologies, Intech® Digital has unparalleled depth of knowledge and capacity.  Through its Ink development and production arm, Foshan Blackjet® Inks Technology Ltd and under the Blackjet® brand, the fullest range of solvent, eco-solvent, UV and now water-based inks have been available for most popular printers, as well as OEM to famous brands such as XAAR®, Spectra® and Epson®. 

Three years ago, Intech® redirected its focus to the enormous and vibrant textile industry - which was in desperate need of a clean, environmentally sustainable solution.  Now, across most fabric types, natural and man-made, including PU, our Blackjet® 'Waterless' digital textile ink is a market leader!  These are at the heart of Intech®'s 'Waterless' Solution for Digital Textile Printing,, described in these pages. 


See also 'The Blackjet®  Certificate'


Tel: (+852) 2552 5950


Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

('Foshan Blackjet') has led the way in the development of a 'waterless' printing solution for textile materials.


- Textile Printing Solutions


Rm 1101, 11/F ,Block A,

Vigor Industrial Building,

14-20 Cheung Tat Road,

Tsing Yi, NT, Hong Kong 

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