Intech® LUB 200 is the ultimate machine, engineered to cope with any applications in the textile industry. This system is equipped with the most advanced printhead technology from Ricoh.


Printer in Use


Key Features

Ricoh Printhead –

The print engine adopts the newest Ricoh industrial prinhead. With 4 channels and 1280 nozzles/ printhead, grey-scale of 7-35pl and 20kHz firing frequency, it provides fast, stable and high resolution printing! For details, please check the specification below:

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Belt System –

The belts and the feeding system are designed with Italian technology. The belts are mechanically locked, relative to each other, even while feeding long pieces of fabric. Large reduction gearing and imported step motors control precisely, the fabric’s forward movement.


Textile loading system –

Feeding of textiles requires special design to achieve stable printing. The printer features:
- Auto-tensioning;
- Alignment of the fabric during printing;
- Flattening of the fabric edges (important for knitted fabric);
- Ergonomically designed foot control, for easy control of the belt at the back of the printer;
- Pneumatically controlled roller to flatten and stabilise the fabric on the belt, and
- Much more ……

Textile loading system.jpg

Take up system –

The automatic ‘take-up’ and drying system’ can be separated from the printer. Features include:
- Light box, and
- Control of drying time

Take-up system.jpg

Touch screen control –

Basic control of the belt (eg Feeding, On/Off for different functions) can be controlled by the User-friendly touch-screen on the printer. Emergency Stops are located on both sides of the machine for safety.

Touch Screen  Control.jpg

RIP Software

The printer fully supports ‘ergosoft’ TexPrint RIP software, the leading RIP software in the digital textile printing Industry.


Computer Interface

Printing, printhead adjustment and most functions are controlled through specially designed software. The interface is easy to use and User-friendly.

Software Interface.jpg

Printhead carriage system –

The printhead carriage can support up to 8x Ricoh Gen-5 heads with 8 different colours. The height of the printhead above the belt can be adjusted easily through the computer software.

Printhead  carriage system.jpg

Automatic printhead purging and cleaning system –
A Nozzle check and cleaning of printhead surfaces can be carried out with just one simple click in the control software.

Automatic printhead purging and cleaning

Capping Station –

The printhead carriage is capped automatically to avoid drying of the printheads during shut-down of the printer.

Capping station.jpg

** All features are subject to change without prior notice. Please consult your local distributor for the most up to date information.