At Intech® 's main operational base in Shunde, there is a currently modest printing capability, which enables R&D work at all stages on the 'Waterless' solutions, textile ink products, printing systems and different fabrics, including:  

 -   Extra-laboratory testing of textile inks 

 -   Extra-laboratory testing of pre- and post-treatments

 -   Intra-production Quality Assurance (QA) of textile inks and treatments

 -   Post-production QA

 -   Printer system testing for different printheads

 -   Printing samples for clients, partners and marketing

 -   Printing small orders on cotton and jeans fabric ( - limited capacity)

 -   Special printing solutions, such as on PU 

A new Print Services operation is under construction in existing land and should be available early in 2018.  This will expand the limited, current capacity and provide for both revenue and effective demonstrations to customers. 

In addition to on-site print services, Intech® works with new B2B partners to install new facilities or adapt their existing plant where possible.