“Intech Digital ® ZERO-D™ (Waterless) Printing Solutions


Unmatched, ZERO-D™ (Waterless) Textile Printing Solution by Intech Digital®


Modern day textile printing almost exclusively uses industrial dyes, classified as:  reactive dyes, acid dyes and disperse dyes. With one exception, dye based printing requires huge volumes of water and its unavoidable pollution. This is by far the biggest sector – cotton and other natural fibre, as well as most man-made fabrics!  (The exception is Polyester, using heat transfer printing with disperse dyes).


The costs associated with this unhealthy and wasteful industry are very high, not just in production!  Also, in the costly preparation of samples to identify and satisfy customers' tastes. Seasonal and sizing factors mean over-production and overstocking;  finally, the excess stock is disposed of at heavily discounted prices.


Intech Digital® now provides a complete and sustainable solution for textile printing.  The system currently offered is the Intech Digital® 190T printer with either 8 or 16 RICOH Gen 5E printheads (see Products).